Monday, May 28, 2007

05/28 - Moe and Tell

So as I approach the corner today, I see Moe standing in front of the Budweiser house with about 25 people around him. I get a little closer and I can see him motion with his hands, look up, and start to walk down towards the alley.

"Ah..." I think to myself. "He's telling the Sammy Sosa home run #62 story again."

Yep, good ol' #62. The one I almost had on the fly. The one that just missed hitting a women and her baby stroller. The one that Moe scooped up on the sidewalk before getting pushed and shoved into the alley. And the one that somebody unjustly pried out of Moe's hand (tearing a few ligaments in the process) at the bottom of a huge pile of [in]humanity.

I know Moe gets tired of telling the story all the time, but even after almost 10 years, people still want to hear about it, so Moe usually obliges. Today's audience was a bit larger than usual as I believe it was one of those Jay Buckley baseball tour groups. Never been on one, but I hear good things about them - seems like a great way to see a bunch of games in several cities in a short period of time. Everything's arranged ahead of time - coach buses, hotels, tickets.

Hmm... Wonder if there's a market out there for Ballhawk Baseball Tours. Let's see... We get into Moe's car, everybody chips in - ok, shovels in - for gas money, we stay in truck stop motels and either head east to hawk behind Fenway's Green Monster or head west to go swimming in AT&T/SBC/PacBell's McCovey Cove. And of course hit about a hundred or so minor league parks along the way.

Actually we kinda do that already down in Florida during Spring Training. Moe does the driving, I check the schedule and for the best team power/wind direction combination, and every two hours Andy chimes in with a "When do we eat?"

Out of the Ballpark Totals:
Monday, May 28: BP-11 [W-11,S-0], HR-0, Foul-0, Roof-0
Season: BP-116 [W-95,S-21], HR-5 [W-5,S-0], Foul-2 [W-2,S-0], Roof-14 [A-8,C-6]

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Anonymous said...

Moe is to ballhawking what Babe Ruth is to home run hitting...Hall of Famer (if there was a ballhawking HoF).